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Ginseng Wulong

Ginseng Wulong

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2008 - My introduction to gongfucha in Chiang Mai, Thailand at the Sunday Temple Market. The teas sold were bitter, very cheap. I really enjoyed the social experience more than the tea.
But! Ginseng Wulong gets sweetness from licorice and ginseng powder - so I loved it immediatly!

When I returned to the United States I found that if I payed a few bucks extra I could get all kinds of tea that were more sweet than bitter - and it took me a long time to find the best source of premium quality Ginseng Wulong!


Ab Fabs?

"This tea is fucking amazing!"

Aroma: 6
Body: 10
Flavor: 10

Astringency: 0
Bitterness: 0
Sweetness: 10