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Be a part of the Immodestea!

All of our events are community supported. Not only do volunteers get to be a part of an awesome community soaked in our undying love, they also get special access to other events & tea gear, giveaways, and first option to join us for larger events. Volunteer for one of our events to be a part of the Immodesteam and make great events come to life

Every volunteer is required to follow this short checklist for every event they participate in:

1. Message Immodestea with "Message Us" button or on Facebook, let us know that you have read these steps, and wait for our confirmation.

2. Share the Facebook event on a page you own or are a part of, Invite 20+ friends to the event or Immodestea Facebook page, and Post on the event page saying how excited you are for the event! This is crucial and helps us include more amazing people in the fun!

3. Choose 2 volunteer shifts for the selected event & date. Each volunteer must choose one Setup or Breakdown shift and one other shift. Shifts are chosen by filling your name into the shift slots in the event's row on the Volunteer Spreadsheet.

4. Message us again letting us know you've done the above. See you at the event!

So much love and thanks for you being part of our community!


The #1 most important job of a volunteer is to make every person at the event feel welcome. Below are details on the other jobs common for most events:

Setup volunteers are expected to show up 1 hour before the official event start time and do things like move furniture, arrange tea-ware, boil water, and get the space comfortable.

Breakdown volunteers are expected to stay until 45 minutes after the official event end time or when all the breakdown work is finished, whichever comes first. Breakdown includes washing cups & pots, and returning equipment to their proper homes.

Tea Servermake people at the event feel like home and make the tea happen. Anyone who has not served tea and an Immodestea event before are expected to show up 20 minutes before the official start time of their event for an in person training. 

Door volunteers are expected to arrive to the event before the official start time and spend the first hour or so of the event checking tickets.