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Providing the highest quality tea & "tea experiences."

Immodestea has served tea at every major Transformative Music Festival in California, and Burning Man!

We bring old tea culture to a whole new world, providing unique & connective tea spaces to big festivals, local events, and even corporate conferences throughout the West Coast - and beyond. People sharing tea feel a sense of freedom and friendly talkative energy.

By focusing on incredible tea and humane interaction, Immodestea uses gongfu to catalyze community and encourages everyone to be Immodest, whoever you are, or whatever you’re good at.
Be Immodest.
Our past collaborators include:

Drink Tea with Us!

Tea Master Box with a Master Yixing Pot

Serving you up some Dian HongDian Hong

Around the tea table at Symbiosis Festival

Street Gongfu ServiceFiltered Iron Goddess

Tea & Shibari is a classic pairing in foggy San Francisco

 Eternal Love and Gratitude for Rakh Gibran for networking me, Daniel Clough, later to become Immodestea into be coolest parties in SF upon homecoming from China!
To Travis Sigley for supporting Immodestea and the Bay Area Tea Community with Tea Oasis for two amazing years!
To Stephen Tranovich who supported Immodestea for a year with the "Tea of the Month Club" and so many events including "Shibari and Tea" with the incredible Louisa Laroche (which lives on). 

Also, much respect to Scott from Yunnan Sourcing
for vision and setting a good example in the industry.
And, to Harney and Sons, for the same thing for a more mainstream audience.

To Blair Lewis and PRT for talking me into meditating with chai when I was going through a short puritanical "no drugs" phase of early adulthood.
And, to Chef JP and Jon Janaka for teaching me how to make amazing chai.

To the forgotten temple vendor who introduced me to gongfu cha.
And, to Gao XiangXiang, who has taught me more about tea than anyone else.