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Immodest Event Guidelines


  • Dress the way you want to feel. Fun, sexy, drag and costumey dress is encouraged.
  • Clothing is optional
  • This is a sexy space, not a sex space. All play must stay above the waist.
  • Explicit affirmative consent is required for all physical interactions. A full definition of Affirmative consent is given at the bottom of the page.
  • This space is actively welcoming to people of all races, genders, sexualities, body types, relationship expressions, etc etc etc. If you see anyone in the space who is outside of what you are normally exposed to, make an extra effort to have them feel welcome in the space.
  • We have 3 wrist band colors to help people meet and mingle in fun, comfortable ways.
  • As always, Do not sexually touch without getting explicit “fuck yes!” consent first. “Um...sure” is a no, and you can always revoke your consent for touch at any time.
    • Red - Please don’t approach me with conversation unless you already know me well. I will approach you if I would like to talk. Definitely don’t touch me.
    • Yellow - Please approach me with conversation! Do not touch me, even non-sexually, without getting explicit consent first.
    • Green - Please approach me with conversation! Feel free to give me hugs, cuddles and other non-sexual physical touch.

Affirmative Consent

We define consent to be affirmative consent. This means “yes means yes” instead of “no means no”. In practice, this means you must have a yes before you initiate touching someone. A “yes” is voluntary, affirmative, conscious agreement to engage in sexual activity/touching. A maybe, silence, or a yes given under clearly coercive circumstances (including threats not limited to violence) does not count as consent and will be viewed a consent violation.

Consent must be explicit, mutual, and continuous. This means that consent can be withdrawn at any time, that is, a person can change their mind at any time. Additionally, if a person agreed to one type of touch, that agreement does not extend to another type of touch, nor has the consenting party agreed to anything else. Being dressed a certain way, “liking” someone, silence, prior consent, being male-bodied or identifying male, being intoxicated or otherwise impaired, or spending time with a person are not equivalent to consent.

Under a 2014 California law, affirmative consent can be given verbally or nonverbally, and a person who is incapacitated by drugs or alcohol, or is either not awake or fully awake is thought to be incapable of giving consent.