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Gravity Glove

Gravity Glove

Louisa Gravity Glove



The Gravity Glove is a well structured comfortable hand bind. The weave pattern shifts weight from the wrists into strong active hands. The rope ends can be tied to anchor points, and rope bottoms can grip the rope with a fist to support their own body weight.

Rope bottoms:

Create a fist to to actively distribute weight into the hand.

What you will need:

  1. A human being (or hand/wrist like thingy)
  2. A set of ropes at least 15’’

Gravity Glove Steps:

  1. Find your bight
  2. Place the bottom’s thump between the bight and allow the rope to lay on across the back of the hand. 
    Gravity Glove 1
  3. Continue to create the first wrap around the wrists. Make the wrap snug, but not too tight.
  4. After one full wrap the rope now lays again on the back of the hand. Direct the running end towards the base of the pinky.

  5. On the other side wrap the rope right across the palm.

  6. Bring the loose end around to the back of the hand and lay downwards going back to the wrists. At this point we can start seeing a weave pattern.

  7. Wrapping the wrists again bring the rope above the previous wraps.
  8. Return the running end to the back of the hand. We are going to apply the rope to the same direction as before, towards the pinky, but this time we are going to weave the rope across the two wraps. First going under the first set of wraps then going over the second.
  9. Lay the rope across the palm and leave it there for a few moments. We will get back to this soon.
  10. Take the bight from off the thumb and hold it with the thumb.

  11. Thread the rope in the loop created by the bight to anchor the loose end.
  12. Finish the with a half hitch.
    Loop the rope towards the pinky leaving a loop on the top. Run the ends under all four wraps and pull the rope through. 
  13. Tighten the knot, and there you have it, a Gravity Glove!