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Adventures in the Park

Once upon a time there was a small group of friends. They all loved tea and good food. One day, they prepared food at home and brought it to a park to eat together and drink the most delicious tea in the world - made sweeter by their friendship.

Brett Ottolenghi is the proprietor of Artisanal Foods, creator of the Vegas Food Expo, a scheming Bitcoin genius, and a generally cool guy. He is also the original Truffle Kid, not to be confused with his more famous student - The Truffle Boy (I shit you not.) 
Anyway, I am excited to go out to his idealist chicken farm sometime soon. I'll tell you more about the farm that I managed for 7 months after having taken a vow of silence then.

Brett had never seen acro yoga, so Carlos and I gave him a quick demonstration.

Carlos lives between Las Vegas and New York City working in the fashion industry. Cooler than that, he started a company which is working to reduce food waste.

As the sun set over the pu'er.

And, night fell over the party.

A wild pony appeared and gave Carlos a ride around the park.

But, they were sad after they scared off Brett.

More adventures followed...

Don't forget to buy some tea while you are here!

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